Registration for 2015 Investment Challenge has been extended to the end of March


You are one step closer to learning about the exciting world of finance and investment and one giant leap closer to understanding the dynamics of the JSE. We are proud to be catalysts of this worthy initiative and look forward to learners throughout South Africa excelling and discovering their potential through participation in the JSE investment challenge. This is truly a game without boundaries, whether cultural or economic. Get registered as soon as possible and let the games begin. Good luck to all teams on behalf of the JSE limited.

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How To Play


1K2GR 1 671 877,00 67.19%
2HarrowR 1 571 443,00 57.14%
3Le RevenuR 1 485 840,00 48.58%
4WeWillStockYouR 1 349 454,00 34.95%
5#1R 1 268 059,00 26.81%
6201Prince's Giant InvestorsR 1 193 594,00 19.36%
7Cashflow expressR 1 189 515,00 18.95%